local make_wrapper_function = require('Module:Utils').make_wrapper_function
local p = {}
math.randomseed( + + os.time() + math.floor(os.clock() * 1000000000))
p.items = {
	"that [[ROBLOX]] was previously named [[Dynablox]], and going to redirects to";
	"many administrators, including Jackssmirkingrevenge, were fired during the October 24th twitch incident?";
	"there used to be a currency called [[Tickets]], but have been removed, and now only [[Robux]] exist?";
    "that on April 1st, 2007, [[Shedletsky]] said that [[ROBLOX]] was being bought by google, and that if you go to, it will redirect to roblox?";
    "that in 2013, there was an unpopular [[Price Floor]] that was lowered due to outcry from the community?";
function p.random_item()
	return p.items[math.random(#p.items)]
function p._random_items(args)
	local num = tonumber(args[1])
	local set, items = {}, {}
	for _ = 1, num do
		set[p.random_item()] = true
	for item in next, set do
		table.insert(items, item)
	return items
p.random_items = make_wrapper_function(p._random_items)
function p._list_random_items(args)
	return '* ...' .. table.concat(p._random_items(args), '\n* ')
p.list_random_items = make_wrapper_function(p._list_random_items)
return p